Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sittin at the Table

This is my first time to blog. I have read a few other blogs and really enjoyed reading them. I am not a very good writer. I write like I talk which is realll...southern. I work with a few ladies from the north and they make fun of us southerners...in a joking way of course. I try to get them to say things like we (southerns) do. It cracks me up that they can't rollll...their letters. They always say "You guys conversations must take forever." LOL..."No, I say  cause we shortin our words...we say y'all and never say our days of the week with day at the end...we say Sundey...Mondey...etc....
Anyways...I chose "Sittin at the table" as my title cause I seem to always be ending my day in the kichen at the table checking on my friends on Facebook, right after I do the dishes or after pouring me a glass of water when I come in from work. Most of the time the house is all quiet when I come in cause everyone is in bed. I kindu stay up late because I don't want my quiet to end. My days are filled completely to the rim. I try to be there for the kids, which they are not little but I think they require more attention as teenagers than ever before and not to mention all their many needs...wedding planning, sporting events, homeschooling, doctor's and dentist appointments.... So, while it is all overwhelming now I know it won't be one day and I will sitting here wishing I could come back to that crazy and busy schedule. I know cause life is like that for me. I will miss it.

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